compleX-it-Y coach

I am a compleX-it-Y coach. The relational way. I have a diffuse brain. Hence, I am fascinated by systems and how humans and systems are relationally integrated as an evolving process. So, I will coach you in your complex context over time. What is the impact your organizational, business and private context potentially has on you? How do you potentially impact the contexts you navigate? I enjoy high-pressure situations and embrace the challenge of ambiguity, when things get knotty. What’s special? My diffuse brain loves improvising as I go to meet the need of successfully dealing with such complexities.

Who are you in my compleX-it-Y coaching context? You are strong-willed, possibly skeptical, and difficult in your unique way. You are complex. You are crossing ‘it’ over from GenX to GenY interested in coaching as you acknowledge the relational complexity of life. You might be

• Seeking to thrive with your talents in your complex context
• Exploring ways how you can make a healthy contribution to complex systems
• Succeeding your goals intrigued how you might leverage yourself as a context and your contexts’ potential for achieving your goals

Most importantly, you are looking to make a difference for the future. I am not a remedial coach. So, I will not cure your ails. Instead, I will guide you on your developmental learning journey as a high-potential that wishes to exert strategic influence beyond ROI in the complexity of your contexts. As such, I will advocate social responsibility with you as a leader, would-be leader, group or team of leaders and the client organizations I work for. This is part and parcel of my practice under ethical guidelines. In this view, as my client you are eager to influence the triple bottom line: people, your environment and financial sustainability.

In what ways do clients believe the professional coaching practice is the right thing for me?

• Easily builds and manages relationships
• Comfortable with consultative selling of herself, her services, and her referral network
• Balances independence and collaboration
• Geared to data and evidence to help people gain awareness, make decisions, and take action
• Processes information quickly, envisions scenarios, understands how you and others think, feel and behave
• Mature self-confidence, humility, compassion, assertiveness, openness, and flexibility
• A reserve of positive energy, optimism, and resilience

What strengths do I leverage for my professional coaching practice?

• Coaching knowledge / Top-tier international qualification and credentials
• Psychological knowledge
• Business acumen
• Organization development knowledge/expertise
• Continuous professional development
• Focusing on one specialty area as a niche
• Conducting research in this area / publishing
• Public speaking / workshops / webinars / conferences
• Collaborating with professional associations and non-profits on a global basis
• Offering pro bono coaching services
• Working with a supervisor to ensure high-level coaching quality