Research News


• My PhD project has been awarded a Harvard Grant by the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.
Harvard Grants through the Harnisch Foundation will be granted if the following applies:
  1. 1. Focus on a topic that has the potential to advance conceptual and practical knowledge in the field. This may, for instance, be done via projects that investigate coaching processes and/or outcomes, aspects of professional practice (e.g. coaching supervision), or studies that examine industry-level questions (e.g. key element of coach education).
  2. 2. Clearly indicate what is new and unique about the proposed research and how the expected findings will advance the coaching literature on this topic.
  3. 3. Be clearly informed by scholarly coaching literature and related disciplines.
  4. 4. Clearly show how the project relates to coaching, as opposed to other related forms of personal and professional support (e.g. mentoring, psychotherapy).
  5. 5. Present specific and clearly defined research questions that can be answered by the research.
  6. 6. Clearly show that the research would not otherwise be possible without Institute of Coaching support.
  7. 7. Clearly show that the researchers have a demonstrated ability to conduct and complete the project.
  8. 8. Where the applicants are not experienced researchers, clearly show that the project is being supported by collaborators or mentors who have experience in the field.

Conferences, Presentations and Speeches:

• 10th NOBCO Symposium Coaching & Research - Utrecht, The Netherlands, 28th November 2019
• 2nd Positive Psychology in Practice Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 24 - 25 October 2019 - Presenting 'Non-verbal synchrony in coaching: The ripple-effect of clients' self-regulation in organizations’
• Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare, Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston MA - 18-19 October 2019 - Presenting '1st Bite-Sized PhD Research Results'
• 9th International Congress of Coaching Psychology (ISCP), London, 10-11 October, 2019 – BE more & DO less! What the seminal VU – Ashridge – CWRU research project tells us about presence in coaching
• Keynote Speech: ICF accredited coaching training programme by HRE – Athens, Greece - 21 September, 2019 - Presentation of Research Project & Integrative Presence Model
• 1st Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches Conference: Coaching in the Age of Disruption and Innovation - Mumbai, India - 22-24 August, 2019 - Presentation of Research Project & Workshop
• 2019 International Conference on Movement and Cognition at Tel Aviv University, Israel - 22-24 July, 2019 - Presentation of Research Project. Download workshop resources here.
• 9th EMCC Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision Research Conference - Oxford Brookes University, UK - 4-5 July, 2019 - Presentation of Research Project & EMCC Senior Researcher Panel Discussion
• Global Speaker 2019 Award - I am honored to be part of the Global Speaker 2019 Award's Jury Panel. The Global Speaker Award is an annual event giving speakers a platform to show their skills in front of a live international audience. More info here - Antwerp, Belgium - 25 May 2019
• HEC Paris Executive Education - Paris, France - 16 May, 2019 - MasterClass on Coaching Presence within the Global Executive Coaching certificate course
• British Transport Police - London, UK - 14 May, 2019 - MasterClass on Coaching Presence with the Coaching Development Programme at BTP
• Webinar on the occasion of the International Coaching Week on behalf of Octarium Etd. - Dancing in the Moment: The Role of the Unspokenn in Coaching - 29 April, 2019
• APAC - Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches - Webinar heralding the start of the APAC Conference in Mumbai 22 to 24 August 2019 - 16 April 2019
• 25th EMCC International Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference - Dublin, Ireland - 24-26 April, 2019 - Panel Discussion 'Digital Age & Coaching'
• The British Psychological Society - Register of Qualifications in Test Use: I hold an entry on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (Ability & Personality) which I obtained with Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK. More info here
• CoachX TEDtalk formatted video: "Be more & Do less - Effective goal attainment in coaching"
• WBECS - Round Table Discussion - How coaching presence helps clients feel safe: sticking our neck out there! - 19 November 2018
• ICF Coaching Science Community of Practice New York - Webinar - 14 November 2018
• 8th International Congress of Coaching Psychology hosted by ISCP - Research design presentation - London, UK - 11-12 October 2018
• British Transport Police - Research Design Presentation - London, UK - 11 October 2018
• Institute of Coaching Conference (McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate) - CoachX TEDtalk formatted video recorded presentation: Be more & Do less - Effective goal attainment in coaching - Boston, US - 27-29 September 2018
• EURASIA Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences - Coaching presence: the effects of interpersonal synchrony on goal attainment - Budapest, Hungary - 24-25 September 2018
• 8th Coaching@Work Conference - Networking - London, UK - 4 July 2018
• EMCC 24th Annual International Mentoring, Coaching & Supervision Conferenc Presentation - "Coaching is Dead, Long live Coaching"- Amsterdam, Netherlands - 11-13 April 2018
• EMCC 7th International Coaching & Mentoring Research Conference Presentation - "A critical review of qualitative research outcomes in executive coaching and mentoring" - London, UK - 14-17 June 2017