Bite-Sized Video Podcast

Who cares about research? - Bite-sized video series EP #0

Enjoy my video series „Who cares about research?“, in which I highlight my passion and through which I wish to inspire coaches to support my PhD journey.

The Unspoken - Bite-sized video series EP #1

In this episode I explore the research theme by highlighting what interpersonal is, and what it is not

What’s ’goals’ to do with coaching presence? - Bite-sized video series EP #2

This episode takes a tour de perspective from the past to the present: two different stories highlight how non-verbal interactions may impact how we achieve our goals. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes each Monday ...

Dancing in the moment - Bite-sized video series EP #3

What does it mean to be present? In an interactive effort, we explore how you may learn more about the extent to which you as a coach are present with clients.

Measuring coaching presence - Bite-sized video series EP #4

How easy is it to explain how you measure ideas in science? In this episode, I attempt to present the technique applied to how to measure interpersonal synchrony through non-verbal intercations between client and coach.

Emotions, Emotions, Emotions! - Bite-sized video series EP #5

What does Peter Gollwitzer’s statement ‚Good intentions have a bad reputation‘ have to do with clients’ self-regulatory capacities in coaching? That’s what we set out to discuss by paying attention to how coaching presence relates to clients’ emotional safety towards their goal-attainment in coaching. 

Why would you care? - Bite-sized video series EP #6

Get inspired: let me give you two key reasons why you as a coach care to participate in this research project.

Why would your clients care? - Bite-sized video series EP #7

Here is the challenge: clients want change that sticks. What's more important: your actions speak louder than your words. See why...

What’s the evidence? - Bite-sized video series EP #8

Is research really an Ivory Tower: in this episode, I embark on the challenge of why we need solid knowledge to increase our practical credibility.

What’s in for me? - Bite-sized video series EP #9

Finally, I can present what it takes for coaches to participate: the commitment, the deal and the beneifts that this deal harbours for them.

The Law of Attraction and FAQ - Bite-sized video series EP #10

This is an episode about how everything manifest - including this project - begins with a thought, an idea: it is about the law of attraction and its effects on the successful manifestation and harmonious energy of this project.

Sticking my neck out. What is the headcount? - Bite-sized video series EP #11

What’s the value in sticking one’s neck out to advance a cause - something you deeply believe in and have developed a passion for? Watch this last episode and see for yourself why it is worthwhile taking the #1 decision: coming onboard.