I wonder

✹ if anything in life is 'commonplace'.
✹ if anything is 'in between'.
✹ if the threads that join our every act - our every thought - are infinite.
✹ if all paths of mastery eventually merge.


03 2019

MCC (Master Certified Coach) accreditation with ICF - International Coach Federation

05 2018

EIA accreditation at Senior Practitioner Level with EMCC


The British Psychological Society (BPS) and European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA) Certificates of Competence in the use of Ability Tests (formerly Level A) and Personality tests (formerly Level B)


Practitioner Level 1 in Personality Systems Interactions (PSI) Theory (Kuhl, 2000, 2001)

04 2018

Presenting at the 24th EMCC Annual International Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference (Amsterdam, 11-13 April)


Publication of article ‘Konflikte in Organisationen – wie Konflikte Entwicklungschancen in & für Organisationen schaffen’ at ISW, Institut für Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Linz, Austria.


Participating as a coach in a research project funded by the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital


Becoming an EMCC volunteer in the research domain (jointly with Rebecca Jones/Henley Business School & Paul Stokes/Sheffield Hallam University, UK)

06 2017

Presenting at the 7th EMCC International Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference (London, 14-15 June) in collaboration with Greenwich University, London, UK


PhD research on ‘The change process in coaching: interpersonal synchrony & self-regulation as lynchpins of goal-attainment’ with ABRI, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Ashridge Centre for Coaching, UK


Becoming an MBTI Step I Practitioner


Goup & Team Coaching diploma at Ashridge Centre for Coaching at Hult International Business School


Master’s Degree in Executive Coaching & Accreditation as an Executive Coach with Ashridge Centre for Coaching, UK


Coaching teams, groups and individuals within a fully-fledged ‘people development’ programme at an internationally acting turbine manufacturer in Austria


Partnering up with Karl Prammer from C/O/N/E/C/T/A to drive the measurability of organizational development programmes


Co-authorship of the article ‘Sustainability in Organization Development – Research Outcome and Current Practice’ presented at the “Third International Conference on Advances in Management, Economics and Social Science - MES 2015” at Rome, Italy


Joining Karl Prammer from C/O/N/E/C/T/A in his OD consulting projects to learn about systemic coaching approaches within large-scale consulting agendas


One-on-one & team executive and non-executive coaching contracts at local and international organizations active in the field of food packaging


Communication skills trainings at various organizations active in the field of hydro power and paper machine engineering & manufacturing


At a change management event a consultant engages me in a conversation about a conflict situation he has; he finds that my intuitive response to his conflict is helpful. I realise that I enjoy this interaction and become an ardent autodidact.


Graduating from the ‚Master of Executive Coaching’ (MSc.) post-graduate programme at Ashridge Business School (the first 1% of the business schools worldwide to be triple accredited, holding EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA accreditations) and embarking on an international Ph.D programme with a clear focus on researching the measurability of executive coaching through behavioural change, organizational outcomes and return on investment.


A great deal of interpreting and translation activities involve learning the assets of paraphrasing, reflecting back, listening pro-actively, paying full attention, coping with stress and duress, asking open questions, applying lateral thinking, being fully present with clients, observing closely and sitting non-judgementally with communication partners, applying reflective practice, applying the self-reflective function, and mentalising as well as learning to be mindful.


Behavioural Change, Organizational Outcomes & Return on Investment

Relational coaching is increasingly seen as a significant way of contributing to an organization’s change and management development agenda. In particular, it is one of the key approaches through which leadership within complex organizations and networks can be developed. Signing up for coaching has been regarded as an essential ethical attitude and a prerequisite towards responsible leadership today.

The relational approach is mainly ’person-centred’, which is jargon for keeping your own perspectives and evaluations central and striving for new insight by exploring what is going on in the coaching relationship, both in the ’material’ you offer and in the conversations as they unfold.

The aim is to enable you to assume more responsibility for your own behaviour, even if that behaviour consists of symptoms, moaning, ambiguities or resistance. It also aims to introduce and test alternatives to your current patterns of behaviour. Various techniques are designed to mobilise as much of your resilience as possible. They aim to toughen up and strengthen you.

Ultimately, you receive your coaching bio-note for more background and ideas for how to enhance your personality. You also receive the Ashridge code of conduct.

Complementarily, I offer communications skills modules to take place in groups, as depicted in the programmes section of this website. These modules are designed to maximize the impact of executive coaching for leaders, middle management and cross-departmental teams on a broader scale.

In a landscape of constant change,
Will you know what it really takes
To have a clear purpose and, yes,
Mobilise all forces necessary –
For change?

Here is my backbone:
Let us communicate your territory!
Let us act on what you already know;
Let us act through your efforts and
the direct efforts of those who
you are committed to: lead!
Are you just doing what is needed?
Or, will you know, by default,
that the only thing you can manage
is what you know how to manage –
For change?

Here is my heart:
I refuse to take your vague requests;
I refuse to help with no measurability ahead;
I refuse to take your boss’s place as supervisor;
I refuse to anything less than a partner for you;
I refuse to do techniques management for you!
What type of coach do you deserve? –
One that will be hard-nosed and brave enough
to be real to evoke your being fully real
in the nested set of your own spheres -
For change?

Here is my signature presence:
You may not like what I have got to tell you,
You may have fantasies about what you want,
You may disagree or be in conflict with me,
You may try to hide behind some fuzzy role:
I will dance with you,
I shift my position with you,

I will reach out to find your signature presence

I liken my attitude to my assignments to those of an architect with backbone and heart. Would he take on a project that is forced on him? Would he accept requests from clients who are coerced into consulting him? Would he allow clients to tell him how to design a building? Would he agree to design a building that would collapse or put people’s life to danger? Would he work bottom-top, or top-down? Would he know that the foundation of his building is what is invisible – the unconscious - but that which is the core of his design?

Would he jeopardise his integrity to be less effective?